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Attention:  If You Manage Any Large Content Sites, Then This Amazing New Tool Saves You Hours of Time! 

“Discover How You Can Pop Thousands of Your Articles Into Pre-Designed Web Pages And Upload Them To The Web With A Few Clicks of Your Mouse!”

Never Spend Hours Manually Inserting Your Articles Into Web Pages Again!  Now, You Can Save Countless Hours Of Time With New Autopilot Software!



Dear Friend,

Content is the name if the game if you want to generate a lot of traffic to your sites.  However, as sites grow, managing all of your content is increasingly difficult.

Adding a few articles here and there is not a problem. But, when you get into adding hundreds of articles, your time is sucked dry.

As a result, time you would’ve spent growing business is now used up on maintaining what you’ve already got!

You either have to hire somebody else, put in more hours, or your business growth is stuck in a rut.  But, there’s one more option few people think of…

Putting Your Content Management On Autopilot With The Power of Software!

Let me introduce you to a new tool called, “Article Indexer.”  Article indexer is a new tool that takes your articles in text format and automatically converts them into pre-designed HTML pages.

Then, you can have it upload your pages directly to your website.  All you have to do is a click a few buttons and all of the hard work is done for you!

Countless hours of effort are now transformed into a few minutes of pointing and clicking.  Time that used to keep you glued to your computer is now wide-open!

Here’s The Full Range of Benefits You Get:

  Advanced template system creates and stores any number of page templates you want your articles popped into!  This ensures every page looks alike and you are satisfied with the final look! 

 Have a master “index” page where links to all of your new articles are placed and have it automatically published to the web.  This is vital if you want the search engines to find all of your new content!

  Alphabetize your articles with the the click of a button to keep them organized!  This feature is invaluable when you’re dealing with hundreds of pages!

  Choose to display snippets of the articles within the index so that readers can quickly find the information they’re looking for.  As a result, your user activity and revenue skyrocket!

  Enjoy a convenient option of determining how much (or how little) will be displayed on the article index pages.  You have full control of what you new website looks like!

  After the articles are created, spit them out into a folder on your computer or directly up to your website!  Getting your new web pages created and online only takes minutes!

  Create web pages in all of the desired extensions, including php, html, htm, or asp.  Whatever you need, it’s included!

  Plus, much many usability features to make managing your content a breeze!User Guide

The tedious task of getting your content published on the web is now taken care of for you.  As a result,…

Your Business Growth Explodes!

No more obstacles are in the way to getting your content published to the web fast.  This means you’re going to have the time to create more sites and have more content created.

Your business grows smoothly.  Best of all, you don’t have to pay a fortune.  The investment for your copy is only $47.  This is far less than hiring an employee or having to use your own time trying organize your content.

You’re likely going to make this amount back within the first day you get to spend making money, instead of copying and pasting!

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